Trump has wrecked the two-state solution to offer the Israelis an even better deal

Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ends any prospect of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine dispute.

Although not his intention, his action opens the door to a much better idea – one which offers peace for the Israeli people and freedom for the Palestinian, says Dr Bill Williamson, the author of Place is the Passion – Reframing the Israel/Palestine Conflict.

Dr Williamson’s book exposes the absurdity of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – with Israel dependent on American financial support and the Palestinians saved from starvation by vast international payments.

Comparison of Palestinian land, 1947 and Present

The impracticality of dividing Israel-Palestine into separate territories is demonstrated by comparing the partition plan of 1947 with the current situation. Most of the territory that was to be allocated to the Palestinians is now occupied by Israeli settlements.

The United Nations might declare them to be illegal but the chances of the Israelis surrendering them as part of a peace settlement is nil.

The only practical solution is made in Place is the Passion, which offers a convincing case for a single state that is secular, democratic and bi-national, one that is based upon human rights.

It also proves such a state would be fair to both peoples, culturally vibrant and economically successful.

The initiative for change can only come from international pressure. The Conservatives, who have no problem, back America and the fallacy that there is a two-state solution.

By contrast the Left must end its slavish adherence to Washington. If it has the courage to rethink its policy, a Labour Government can give a lead to the world. Our national commitment to equality and human rights can only mean presenting the case for a single state solution.

Labour’s ethical foreign policy is losing all credibility by supporting a two-state policy that is no longer attainable. It is only sustained because criticism of the present Israeli Government leads to spurious accusations of anti-Semitism – this is a cowardly response.

Place is the Passion offers a logical and peaceful alternative; it should be on the bookshelves of all who believe in human rights.

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