Time to prepare a radical manifesto

It is difficult to explain how the BBC can present the local election results as punishing both major political parties.

In theory these elections should reflect local problems, such as the erosion of green belts or attitudes to airport expansion. In practice, however, all parties treat such elections as an opportunity to pass judgement on the current government.

In this case, the outcome was a massive rejection of this Tory government. Admittedly, due to its ambivalence on the Brexit controversy, Labour lost seats too, but this consisted of only a handful of seats compared to the massive drop in support for the present government.

There seems to be no chance of a general election soon. The Tories are not suicidal! But they will surely compound their errors over the coming months.

This gives the Labour Party an opportunity to prepare a radical program that is acceptable to the electorate. The time to plan such a manifesto is now.

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