The Failed Experiment

by Andrew Fisher
Political advisor to Jeremy Corbyn

It is politicians not bankers that must take most of the blame for 2008 financial collapse. It was the credit crunch that exposed the frailties of a failed economic experiment.

This is the unusual analysis that cannot be ignored.

In the last thirty-five years, politicians of all parties in government ceded power over fundamental sectors of our economy to a new oligarchy of corporations. Government has become the servant, not the master, of corporate interests. Andrew Fisher describes this as a failed political experiment; an analysis that makes this book very different.

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It is not about blaming the bankers, or even high powered financiers – though much blame and opprobrium has rightly been apportioned to them. Nor is it a partisan attack on the failures of Conservative or Labour governments. Instead, this is a book about the much larger political crisis that still threatens our living standards – and how we can resolve it.

Reviews & endorsements

“It wasn’t hard to pick a political book of the year. Andrew Fisher’s The Failed Experiment stood out for me.” Richard Murphy, writing in Left Foot Forward

“Hugely impressive job in presenting complex economic issues in layman’s terms. Fisher explores how successive governments since Margaret Thatcher\’s time have helped sow the seeds of this economic downfall.” Morning Star

“Offers a solid factual account of the extent of the dramatic redistribution of power and wealth away from ordinary people and into the hands of such a small elite of the mega-rich. The book convincingly argues for the urgent need for a fundamental democratisation of the economy, and recognises this will require a re-intensification of popular struggles.” Red Pepper

About the author

After receiving his MA in politics, Andrew Fisher spent six years as a parliamentary researcher. He is now the policy officer for a major trade union. In 2006 he co-founded the influential Left Economics Advisory Panel. He lives in south London with his wife and young son. His writes a blog on the LEAP Economics website.

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