A remarkable new book that presents the case for a single-state solution

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Place Is The Passion

Reframing the Palestine/Israeli conflict

by Bill Williamson

Israel relies for its survival on its lucrative arms trade and American military support.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians suffer poverty and destitution as an occupied nation. Indeed, were it not for vast international financial support, the Palestinians would face starvation.

Any solution is impossible while Israel pursues an aggressive programme of settlement, expansion and ethnic cleansing.

The author rejects the two state solution, which he likens to Apartheid. In a convincing fact-based analysis, he shows that a better future is achievable for both peoples: one that is secular, democratic, bi-national, culturally vibrant and economically successful.

The Author

Dr Williamson is Emeritus Professor of Continuing Education, Durham University and was involved in the University’s Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. A fact-finding visit to Israel/Palestine in 2013 led to him writing this book.

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One of the paintings by collective of Palestinian war artists, that are a reaction to last year's Israeli bombings of Gaza.


  • The shameful Israel/​Palestine conflict must end.
  • Only international pressure can end Israeli colonialism.
  • The only viable solution is a single Israel/​Palestine state that is fair to both peoples.

The most incisive criticism of Israel is coming, not from the European Left, but from Israelis and ant-Zionist Jewish groups worldwide – groups that produce uncomfortable evidence that Israel isn't the society its Western supporters imagine it to be.

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Place is the Passion
reframing the Palestine/Israeli conflict

by Bill Williamson

Paperback, RRP £9.95.
ISBN 978-1-871204-33-9