We are a small publishing house, specialising in the social sciences. Many of our titles have an unlimited shelf life; the ideas they present are timeless. Hence our lively backlist of books still in print.

A look at some of our titles and the subjects covered gives an indication of our unique standing as radical publishers.

The Cockney Cookbook: not just a cookbook but a social commentary on the world's first street wise people: RRP £6.99

Madiba’s Boys: Foreword by Nelson Mandela. Not just the story of Lucas Radebe and Mark Fish, South Africa's greatest footballers, is also the story of a nation in transition: RRP £15.95

The history of Hong Kong before the handover is well recorded; of greater historic importance was the first year under Chinese rule, nothing turned out as expected: RRP £9.99

Running on Empty: The ‘modernising’ the British and Australian Labour Parties and their subsequent loss of core support: RRP £12.95

The Gatekeepers: A foretaste of the present scandal surrounding the Murdoch Empire was enacted twelve years ago: RRP £12.95

White Nation: Fantasies of white supremacy in a multicultural society that led to neo fascism: RRP £12.95

Jobs of Our Own: the case for distributism - the belief that ownership of productive resources should in the hands of the people not big business or the State: RRP £12.95