We want to publish books that meet the aspirations of progressive organisations.

That is why we are looking for Associate Partners.

The Cost of Living Crisis remains the only book to denounce austerity. And it did so months before Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. It was based upon research sponsored by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group (TUCG).

The message was too important to be confined to members of TUCG. With this organisation’s support, Michael Calderbank, who led the research, used his findings to write The Cost of Living Crisis. (This work is still in print and can be ordered from any UK bookshop).

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has led to a surge of ideas from left wing organisations including, to the surprise of many, the Labour Party!

With a hostile TV and press, there are few avenues that the Left can use to put their message across. Of course, they can use rallies, pamphlets and the social media. But radical ideas can also be enhanced by the credibility and wider audience that only a book can offer.

We invite organisations committed to changing society to become Associate Partners. This involves no commitment except sincerity. Associates will be invited to suggest new titles, possible authors and propose strategies to help our books advance socialist principles.

Associate Partners would be able to offer their members discounts on all Radical Read publications. If sales were the outcome of their social media recommendations, then they would earn commission on books sold online.

For details of the opportunity to participate in this publishing venture, please click contact button. Your enquiry will be treated in strict confidence.

Russell Miller,
Commissioning Editor the Radical Read Project



Do you support your cause with leaflets pamphlets and papers? Then you may believe that your convictions could be advanced by the credibility and wider audience that only a book can offer. If you do, then we would like to hear from you.

Comerford and Miller will not ask for or accept any payment from Associated Partners as a condition of publication.

Every proposal submitted to us will be judged primary on its commercial possibilities and the need to meet our ethical code. Send us your suggestion and we will assess its prospects.