Reframing the Palestine/Israeli conflict

by Bill Williamson

Israel relies for its survival on its lucrative arms trade and American military support.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians suffer poverty and destitution as an occupied nation. Indeed, without vast international financial support, the Palestinians would face starvation.

Any solution is impossible while Israel pursues an aggressive programme of settlement expansion and ethnic cleansing.

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by Andrew Fisher

The author, Andrew Fisher, is a political advisor to Jeremy Corbyn.

It is politicians not bankers that must take most of the blame for 2008 financial collapse.  It was the credit crunch that exposed the frailties of a failed economic experiment.

This is the unusual analysis that cannot be ignored.

In the last thirty-five years, politicians of all parties in government ceded power over fundamental sectors of our economy to a new oligarchy of corporations. Government has become the servant, not the master, of corporate interests. Andrew Fisher describes this as a failed political experiment; an analysis that makes this book very different.

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by Michael Calderbank

The 2010-5 government and its successor is one of flagrant class discrimination. That is the uncompromising verdict of this book.

At a time when the rich are allowed to grow even wealthier, governments have imposed an unjustified programme of austerity, and at a time when low paid work has become endemic. It is an act of economic injustice that must be corrected.

The author delivers an uncompromising message to the political elite; it is time to end the politics of austerity, an ideological project to cut the size of the state permanently.