“crucial exposé of neoliberal dogma, crammed with fact and detail, making it wonderful ammunition in the fight for social justice.”
Owen Jones, journalist, broadcaster and author of Chavs: the demonisation of the working class

“The crash of 2008 wasn’t only financial or economic in nature. It was a failure of our democracy, in which politicians of all sides have handed over power and wealth to narrow elite. In this book, Andrew Fisher anatomises that political failure and makes clear that fixing our economy requires political solutions. The result is a lucid and compelling manifesto for change.”
Aditya Chakrabortty, Senior Economics Commentator, The Guardian

“This book sets out to explain those economic concepts and practices which most economists and commentators will not deign to explain. Understanding these are vital if you do not want to be helplessly buffeted about by mystical economic forces. That's why it is a must-read.”
Ann Pettifor, Director of Prime Economics and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation

“This is the best thing I have read in years. It will be readily used by campaigners as a basic handbook to explain our recent history.”
John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington

“It wasn’t hard to pick a political book of the year. Andrew Fisher’s The Failed Experiment stood out for me.”
Richard Murphy, writing in Left Foot Forward

“I enjoyed this book. It starts with one of the clearest explanations you will read of how the Northern Rock Building Society and the business model* behind it inexorably led to disaster.”
*The Failed Experiment
Mike Phipps, writing in Labour Briefing

“Offers a solid factual account of the extent of the dramatic redistribution of power and wealth away from ordinary people and into the hands of such a small elite of the mega-rich. The book convincingly argues for the urgent need for a fundamental democratisation of the economy, and recognises this will require a re-intensification of popular struggles.”
Red Pepper

“If ever there was a moment for fresh thinking, this is definitely it. Indeed, in his new book The Failed Experiment and how to build an economy that works Andrew Fisher convincingly argues, ‘our economic model needs to be overthrown’. But Fisher is not your bog-standard economist – as well as being an economist he is a trade unionist and activist engaged in grassroots struggles – you actually sense he's having fun with his research.”
Enrico Tortolano, The Institute of Employment Rights

“Andrew Fisher has given us a compelling account of all that's wrong with the British economy - and what's needed to put it right. Great analysis, strong politics and an inspiring call to arms.”
John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want and author of The Poverty of Capitalism

“If ever there was a moment for fresh thinking, this is definitely it. Indeed, in his new book, Andrew Fisher convincingly argues, ‘Our economic model needs to be overthrown’.”
Labour List

“Hugely impressive job in presenting complex economic issues in layman's terms. Fisher explores how successive governments since Margaret Thatcher's time have helped sow the seeds of this economic downfall.”
Morning Star

“Recommended reading for all Red Labourites.”
Red Labour

“Looks in depth at the economic and political crisis that still threatens our living.”
Croydon Radio

“The book is being endorsed by many Labour MPs who want to go beyond party leader Ed Miliband's timid calls to encourage ‘responsible capitalism’.”
News item, Morning Star

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