Only Reading’s electorate can vote for Theresa May

We elect a parliament not a Prime Minister and a Prime Minister holds office at the will of the ruling party. The belief that, if May becomes PM she will, like an American President, hold office until the next election is misleading. In fact, all the evidence shows this is unlikely. Nearly all predictions are that we are facing a dramatic fall in living standards, with prices going up and wages static.

Far worse, the consumer-led prosperity that followed Brexit is on the verge of collapse. It like the financial crises of 2008 is founded on unsecured credit. The next credit crunch is on its way. But with a difference; this financial disaster will be entirely of our own making.

May’s wild unsustainable promises, made since she called the General Election, have been announced without any consultation with the party she leads. Most have caused embarrassment to her colleagues and alarm to the powerful interests that finance her Party. As have her muddled, hard Brexit moves.

If the Conservatives win the election, May will soon demonstrate that strong and steady means weak and woolly. Like all politicians, once an election is over MPs will focus on the next. The Tories will want to distance themselves from the decline in living standards that happened under May’s watch.

Then as May leaves Number 10, we will then be reminded, ours is not a Presidential system and we elected the Tory Party not a Prime Minister.

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