Labour’s unelected delegates who can vote as they please. Is Progress to blame?

There are some odd delegates at the 2017 Labour Party Annual Conference. They are unelected and can vote as they please.

Just how democratic is the Labour Party? Did you know that there are no rules requiring constituency delegates to the Annual Conference to be elected? Or that there is no need to hold a meeting to mandate them?

A confidential bulletin issued by Progress – the multi-millionaire backed outfit that supports the Blairites – made it clear there was no obligation to hold meetings in which members could tell their delegates how they were expected to vote. Progress advised constituency party officers not to arrange such meetings.

We are investigating whether Progress has given similar advice concerning the selection of delegates.

We know of several constituency parties that did not hold mandating meetings. There are others which did not give members a chance to elect their delegates. And there is at least one constituency that failed to do both!

This was the London constituency of Beckenham.

Fortunately for the Beckenham membership, the officers discovered they had not chosen a Blairite. Or maybe they had a problem: there are not many declared Blairites left!

Ban Progress?

There can be only one reason to explain the massive growth in Labour Party membership: it is the opportunity it offers its members to participate in political decisions. To thwart these aspirations is nothing short of treachery. It is a shameful attempt to keep control of the Party in the hands of an utterly discredited elite.

There is no room in any organisation for an anti-democratic cabal. I would recommend that the new Labour Party Executive declares Progress a prescribed body and that any association with it is incompatible with membership of the Labour Party.

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