Do you have an idea for a book with an unusual slant on a political or social theme?

We are looking for authors to contribute to our A Radical Read series. Do not be deterred because you have never written a book.

Published articles, a section contributed to a multi author publications, papers presented to a peer group  - these will be evidence that you have something to say, preferably in no more than 40,000 words.

If this challenge interests you, can we introduce you to a new publishing concept, outlined in our fact sheet Author's Submissions?

We will work with you as you write the book and, if necessary, provide support with an experienced editor to help you with your manuscript.

Sales of your book

We cannot promise massive sales; the titles that Comerford and Miller publish are sold in hundreds rather than thousands. We can, however, offer the author a nationwide sales team and the best book distributor in the country. Your title will be listed on all major websites, including Amazon.

While not every UK bookshop will stock your title, we can guarantee 95% will be able to accept orders for your book. In addition, e-book sales should expand the market for your work.

If you want us to consider your proposal seriously, please go to A New Publishing Concept to understand our requirements. Then go to Royalty Payments and Contact Us.

All our titles are commissioned, any unsolicited manuscripts will be returned unread.

What a difference a book can make

Whatever your career, a published book always looks well on your CV; whilst being a recognised expert on the subject often leads to invitations to give lectures, write articles, or to make radio and TV appearances.

Established Writers

If you are an established author or a professional journalist who has had a proposal rejected by your usual publishers, or if you feel that your project needs a more committed publisher, you can contact us in the strictest confidence.

Before contacting us, we recommend you read A New Publishing Concept to understand our marketing strategy.

Writer without a theme?

Are you a published writer interested in the project but without a subject in mind?

We have a number of themes that need writing up and where some research has already been undertaken.

Please go to contact and send us a brief CV.