She insists she will negotiate for the nation as a whole, neglecting the special needs of our national regions. This is an insensitive attitude that ignores reality; both Scotland and Northern Island voted to remain. Wales voted Brexit on the understanding that their special farming interests would be protected.  May, originally a remainer, has given the Welsh nation no assurances. The breakup of the UK is now a real possibility.

Contrast this arrogance with the statesmanship of Sir Keir Starmer, the person chosen by Labour to handle their Brexit negotiations. He has promised.

“We’ll give Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales their say on Brexit”.

There can be no better assurance of Labour’s intention to maintain our Nation intact.

With this promise Sir Kier has declared that ‘No Deal’ is not a viable option. We need to retain the benefits of the single market and the customs union. Our priority should be jobs and the economy. Getting the right trading arrangements for the future will underpin our prosperity and our survival as the United Kingdom.

Like the NHS, the public services and education. Even Brexit is safer in Labour’s hands.