Political pundits, including leading conservatives, are beginning to ask, “Just how did she become PM?”

She failed as Home Secretary not even meeting her own targets to control immigration among non-European citizens. Her cuts in policing have proved disastrous.

Leadership was thrust upon her without even the problem of standing for election within her own party;  

Her first budget caused dismay among small business owners and her manifestos proposed dementia tax, distress among the elderly. Both groups from who she expected support.   

Consistently, she has campaigned not on policy but personality. Showing contempt for the electorate and demeaning political debate.  According to the Daily Telegraph she will stop making personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, and concentrate on policy. This has been the strategy of the Labour Party throughout the General Election. But what is left of her policy?

According to May It is, “A great national mission” to deliver a successful Brexit.

What about increasing child poverty; inadequate housing, lack of investment, funding for the NHS. These are all problems which have little to do with our membership of the European Union. They cannot be neglected for much longer.

Brexit will remain a problem for whatever government we wake up to on June 9. Labour has already defined what would be a successful Brexit, while Weak and Woolly May remains terrifyingly silent. Not even a cluck from this chicken.

Research by the radical read project