Sadiq Khan changes loyalties… as predicted

No one should be surprised at Sadiq Khan’s change of loyalties. The Radical Read Project predicted this as soon as he was elected Mayor.

On taking office, he claimed he had a winning formula that Corbyn had to copy if he were to win power.

This is what we wrote on 9th June:

Congratulations to Sadiq Khan; what a pity his first act was to try and kick away the ladder he climbed up to become Mayor. There would have been no election success without the door knocking and leafleting of Corbyn activists.

There is nothing new in Khan saying that “Labour must appeal to everyone, and not just its own activists, to have any chance of gaining power”. This has always been so.

When New Labour was in office, they never actually held power. Blair and Brown had their ‘charm offensive’ on the City and jumped at Murdoch’s command. When the Major government’s credibility became unsustainable, this presented no problem to the narrow clique that really runs our country. The big corporations had already been assured that they had nothing to fear from a Labour government. So Labour was given an easy ride in achieving office, allowing corporations to retain power.

This destroyed any claim that Labour was a people’s party, a situation that has already cost us two elections.

Yes, it is going to be difficult for Labour to win a General Election with a radical programme and a manifesto that confronts wealth, power and a predominantly right wing press – but it is not worth the effort of fighting an election if it doesn’t.

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