Andrew Fisher – suspended for writing a book

Andrew Fisher’s controversial tweet is not the reason for his suspension from the Labour Party. The real issue is that he wrote a book, and a very worrying one for the establishment.

The Failed Experiment and how to build an economy that works is a remarkably easy book to read, but not a comfortable one for complaisant politicians.

It exposes the thirty-six years when the political elite of both parties ceded power over our economy to international corporate interests. It was this craven surrender, more than the banks themselves, that was responsible for the 2008 financial crash. Even more disturbing are Fisher’s claim that the problem is getting worse.

Of course, attacks on Fisher are also part of a much wider campaign to discredit the leader of the Labour Party. It is to Jeremy Corbyn’s credit that he chose this relatively unknown young economist as a political advisor. He has become a little better known since!

It should come as no surprise that those unhappy with the leadership are also anxious to ensure that Andrew Fisher has no influence in the Labour Party.


David Cameron, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, described the author as a Trotskyite.

Warning to those yet to read this book: you may risk disappointment. Radical and to the left Andrew Fisher might be, but you will see that he is still the standard democratic socialist.

The Failed Experiment can be ordered from any good bookshop or direct from the publishers post and packing free.

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