Andrew Fisher returns

Andrew Fisher’s suspension from Labour Party membership has been lifted. He can resume his duties as political advisor to Jeremy Corbyn. His radical ideas will now contribute to the Party’s programme.

The Labour National Executive wisely decided that three indiscreet tweets he sent while he was just a party member can be dismissed with only a serious rebuke. Fisher has already apologised for these messages.

It is accepted this incident was provoked by the Blairite faction’s attempts to discredit Corbyn’s judgement. What is less known is that it was also a desperate effort to ensure Andrew Fisher had no influence on Party policy.

Fisher is the author of a book that is worrying the establishment: The Failed Experiment and how to build an economy that works. This is a remarkably easy book to read, but not a comfortable one for complaisant politicians.

The book exposes the thirty-six years when the political elite of both parties ceded power over our economy to international corporate interests. It was this craven surrender, more than the banks’ misconduct, that was responsible for the 2008 financial crash. Even more disturbing are Fisher’s claim that the problem is getting worse.

This is an essential read for all political activists, whatever their allegiances. You can purchase the book for £9.95 from all good bookshops or order it directly from the publishers (free P&P). Read a selection of reviews and endorsements.

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