The A Radical Project has a broad mandate. We will consider books for publication on a broad range of subjects that advance widely different solutions. We only ask they accept the following underlining values.

  • Economic and social problems can never be overcome until the growing gap between the rich and the poor is halted and then reversed.
  • That even if the concept of a mixed is economy is accepted, the balance has been dangerously distorted. The intrusion into activities that rightly belong to the public sector by aggressive profit hungry organisations has proved disastrous. This is only too evident in the provision of natural resources, transport and in the field of education and health.
  • The role of the private sector is to create new and tangible wealth. There is no place for those whose personal prosperity is founded on financial manipulation. Within the private sector there is an important role for cooperative and mutually owned organisations and their progress must be encouraged.
  • All wealth is created by human labour; yet those who work are having less and less control over their terms and conditions of employment. While legislation has a role in protecting employees' interests, the most effective way is by an orderly system of free collective bargaining.

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A Radical Read

Informative, thought-provoking, precise

Books on contemporary issues, written in a lively style.

Concise publications of 120-160 pages published in both paperback and e-book format.

At an acceptable price of £9.95.

An Essential Read

Under consideration: a companion series An Essential Read.

Books of significant historic interest, but now out of print, together with titles published by overseas progressive publishers.

Suggestions from associate partners welcome.

Some books in this series would only be available in e-book format.