A new publishing concept

May we introduce you to a new publishing concept?

We have rejected the orthodox method of commissioning books. Traditionally once the final manuscript is submitted the publisher writes the blurb. We want to reverse the process.

We will discuss your suggestions with you and then agree the blurb’s wording. Only then do you begin the process of writing your book. We believe this strategy is more compatible with today’s book buying culture than the orthodox practice.

It means before work begins, the writer is fully focused on the target readership – an important consideration when every year even the narrowest niche market will have dozens of competing titles.

Our ‘blurb first’ innovation also imposes a discipline, one that should avoid the risk of a final document failing to comply with the guidelines promised in the original synopsis – an experience that is unfortunately far too common.

Informative, thought provoking, precise

Our Radical Read series aims to publish books that present original ideas. We expect all work to be backed by hard facts, with sources given.

Our criteria are that the book must be informative, thought-provoking and precise. If you think you can meet these objectives, please read the Next Step panel on this page. Then send us your proposals; we will be delighted to hear from you. While we cannot promise to accept your proposal we undertake to give it careful consideration.

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