Time to Face Reality

If it were possible to achieve Brexit without ruining our economy, we would have achieved it months ago.

The complacent David Davis, who until 20th July served as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, promised that leaving the EU would be easy. He was right. So is throwing yourself off a cliff — so long as you have no regard for your own wellbeing.


May’s dangerous fantasy

Theresa May thinks she’s a worldwide cop with Syria on her beat.

Britain is not part of an international law enforcement team, since no such team exists.


The English universities’ shambles

University students’ studies disrupted because their lecturers face pension rip-off.

Over the next few weeks, university students will face disruption in their studies. Their lecturers are taking strike action in a conflict which the university authorities could rightly be accused of provoking.


Tony Blair, first leader of New Labour: a British political party founded 1996 and wound up 2015

New Labour has had no lasting impact on the way our country is run. Neil Kinnock, when told that Tony Blair had flown halfway round the world to beg The Sun’s owner Rupert Murdoch to support New Labour, predicted its failure.

“It won’t matter if we win, as the bankers and stockbrokers have got us already by the f******g balls. And that is before you take your thirty pieces of silver.” (Alistair Campbell, The Blair Years)


Trump has wrecked the two-state solution to offer the Israelis an even better deal

Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ends any prospect of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine dispute.

Although not his intention, his action opens the door to a much better idea – one which offers peace for the Israeli people and freedom for the Palestinian, says Dr Bill Williamson, the author of Place is the Passion – Reframing the Israel/Palestine Conflict.


Labour’s unelected delegates who can vote as they please. Is Progress to blame?

There are some odd delegates at the 2017 Labour Party Annual Conference. They are unelected and can vote as they please. Is Progress to blame?


Frances, tell Jeremy removing the pay cap is not enough

Frances O’Grady general secretary of the TUC must be blunt with Jeremy Corbyn. She needs to tell him removing the pay cap is not enough. All public service workers need a return to free collective bargaining.